DC Bachata DCBX10 The Best Bachata & Salsa Festival Washington DC

These reviews come from our 2014, 2015 & 2016 Surveys!

“Sets the US festival standard for all bachata dance congresses. Amazing dancers from all corners of the world.”

“For anyone that loves bachata, this is paradise for you: nonstop workshops throughout the day to performances and then social dancing to apply everything you’ve learned, you’re on a natural high forgetting to eat and sleep with so much going on;) You’re able to connect with so many people with the same passion for dancing. I bought my ticket for next year right away.”

“DCBX delivers! One of the best dance experiences I could have ever asked for, I can’t wait to come back again next year!”

“Since my first DCBC, the only I can tell you guys that you do an amazing job each year, each year is getting bigger and better, I cant wait for my next DCBC, I have pictures for every year I attend, love you guys!!!”

“It was a life time experience and I felt wonderful!”

“The best bachata congress in the world!!”

“As my first congress, this was amazing. Everyone was so loving and willing to learn. It didn’t feel like there was a huge variety of classes (in that most things were about patterns), but I learned a lot and the social dancing parties were awesome!”

“Absolutely a motivational and inspiring experience that will leave you wanting to come back.”

“I love the high quality dances that I had from all the leads!”

“It was an overall blast. Great music, people, dancing and entertainment. I like the fact I could dance bachata all night long. I meet a lot of people from all over, that was fun experience. Good job and can’t wait for next years.”

“This was my first time attending the DCBX festival and I had an amazing time. From the lessons to the all night dancing, everything was phenomenal. I left the congress with so much more knowledge of dancing salsa & bachata. I will be returning next year.”

“Lee and Kat. Thank you for providing a weekend that, for the second time in a row, has given me the highest quality dancing experience I’ve honestly ever had. The dancers who come to DCBX bring their A game and I get shivers by the end of each night.”

“This was my first time going to the DC Bachata congress so I had no idea what to expect. The 24 hour ballroom was amazing. It was great to dance with people from other areas as they had different styles from the local dancers I was used to. It is a great way to “travel to different places to dance” without actually having to go to all the countries and cities where these multitude of dancers are. I would definitely like to go again and next time I would attend the classes too.”

“Unforgettable congress”

“I had an amazing time would definitely recommend it to a friend”

“I thought I had fun in our local dance scene and some of the smaller congresses and festivals… Oh man, this congress was absolutely infreakingcredible. I danced until 7am, took countless hours of workshops. Met some A MAY ZING people and instructors. Made some pretty sweet new friends too!!”

“Thank you so much for bringing life back to DCBX, and thank you for taking care of our concerns from last year. This year was a success.”

“Love that you are always trying to outdo yourselves.”

“THANK YOU! This was my 3rd year attending and I looked forward to it for quite a while. I love how I had just as much fun partying with my friends at night to individually attending workshops of my choice. There was something to do at every hour! Congratulations on the next chapter for your growing family!”

“This Congress was amazing. The city and venue were perfect, and it was so memorable to be able to take workshops with dancers that I’ve seen on social media and consider amazing. And don’t get me started on the 24 hour dancing…love it! I’ll be back every year…thank you for all the work you’ve put into making it great!”

“Fun fun fun from the moment I arrived, until the moment I left, exhausted and spent, but deliriously happy”

“I love you Lee & Kat!!! Thank you for always topping yourselves and caring so much, Lee… You just simply amaze me, when I see you picking up trash fixing little things helping carry stuff just the way you CARE!!! You don’t have to do any of that stuff but you do and wow! You inspire me bro!!! You really do! I can’t wait for next years Congress!!! Kat you are amazing and awesome too!”

“This was my 2nd year attending DCBX. I was noticeably more comfortable and confident in the workshops this time. I picked up more of the material and I was able to help the more inexperienced followers. The night parties and performances were inspirational. I was so impressed by how well everyone performed and danced. The energy this year was so positive and I didn’t want the event to end. I felt like I was with my big family and we were all in sync with one another. The DCBX is the light of the DMV, which is proven by the fact that people come from all around the world to attend this memorable event. Thank you to all who helped bring this together.”

“I never danced past 4 am in my life and attended all day workshops before this congress. Now I have!”

“It was my first DCBX and I absolutely loved it: I had a chance to learn from the best dancers, perform in front of many people and dance with the best leads. I was a little disappointed by the shows, they were too long and sometimes boring. Everything else was great. Thanks for that experience.”

“My first time here and first east coast festival (I’m from California) and I loved it! Will definitely return next to year to dance with all the east coast dancers I connected with this weekend”

“Amazing event with the best dancers in the world to learn, watch, from; not to mention dancing with people from all over the US and abroad.”

“Great time overall, amazing talent across the different genres!”

“This was my first Congress and everyone I talked to was right – it was amazing. I tried to take as many workshops as my body could handle each day and go back for more dancing at night. I didn’t want to go to bed – I just wanted to keep dancing!”

“DCBX was fire! Non-stop dancing whether at workshops, rooftop parties, lobby parties, or in the ballrooms that didn’t close til 8am. The level of dancers that attend the congress is so high, it makes you wanting the event to never end. Definitely buying my pass for next year! Not something to ever miss out on!”

“So, I have grown up with dance my entire life. From ballet since the age of 4, a little jazz, a little modern, flamenco and ballroom. I have been surrounded by amazingly talented people and dancers my entire life. But this weekend, was incredible. This weekend was a COMPLETELY new, different and amazing experience. This was my first bachata congress ever and it was THE BEST experience ever! The dancing, the energy, the people, the talent, the hospitality, the encouragement, the unity, the support and the love for dance was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I met so many incredible people! I had so many amazing and fun dances! I learned so much about this new world and I can’t wait to experience this again! #DCBX2016 an unforgettable weekend!”

“Had an amazing time in Juan’s workshops that involved no routines yet seemingly effortlessly taught core fundamentals of leading and following with a lot of guided practice time. My favorite by far!”

“Amazing Experience! I spend my weekend with great company from Texas , LA, and DC… Any many more. I danced with almost everyone(hopefully). Grabbing a random guy to dance, and ended it with a smile on their face made it all worth it. To have an unforgettable memories is something you have to go a make. Live. Love. Dance.”

“I’ve been attending DC Bachata Congress for the past five years and every year it just keeps getting better. People from every state, from over 20 different countries coming together to share the love and passion we all have for dance, no matter the genre. The amount of quality instructors that are invited each year, how can you not take four and five workshops in a row? And the energy in all the ballrooms?! It’s almost impossible to not want to stay up till 8. I’m already looking forward to next year’s DCBX!”

“From my experience, the instructors in my workshops were not only great dancers, but ALSO great teachers too! The tips for connection and dance etiquette added into each workshop were fantastic!”

“I was a volunteer this year and after participating in the event in this capacity, I have a newfound respect for this operation. There are countless moving pieces and it was an absolute pleasure to see how everyone came together to troubleshoot all while remaining positive towards attendees. DCBX is truly a team effort. Lastly, the range of backgrounds represented at the congress is truly unparalleled!”

“Saturday night was the best night of my life!!! I may be the biggest Daniel y Desiree fan in the world. On Saturday night, I met them (for the second time), and I danced with Daniel, which was literally a dream come true; I’m still smiling!”

“Dancing until 8 AM for 3 days in a row was the most fun experience I’ve ever had at a congress :D”

“It was a wonderful event! So many great workshops and social! So much energy!”

“Extraordinarily entertaining and educational event! One never stops learning.”

“The DC Bachata Congress 2016 was beyond amazing, it really takes the best event producers to bring people from all over the world under one roof.Thank you Lee & Kat and staff for putting together an unforgettable event.”

“I preformed 2 years ago with a samba group for one of the openers and was already impressed. This year it was even more amazing.”

“As a first time attendee, and performer, it was the best experience I could have ever asked for!”

“great bachata festival, quality dancers, lots of fun!”

“This is one of the events that can’t be missed. You will be amazed at the verity of workshops there are. I would recommend it to any first comers or anyone starting out at dancing. You will pick up a lot just by taking the classes and meet new people. Not only that but the verity of shows and concerts make the event memorable too. This event has been my 3rd and I always have fun. I recommend it….”

“As someone who is new to the world of salsa/bachata/kizomba/zouk, this was a phenomenal introduction and a great learning experience – I definitely feel like I am a part of a new community!”

“Good amount of workshops and instructors, plus 24/7 rooms to dance. Hotel venue was very spacious, which is a very positive thing when you think about the amount of people in each workshop.”

“After attending other congresses, which I have enjoyed as well, I noticed how fortunate we are in the DC area to have such a big Congress which does not only offer many different types of dance to chose from, but also offers educational workshops. Not to mention that there are numerous ballrooms and very talented instructors. DC Congress is by far my favorite dance event.”

“This was a wonderful festival, so many top performers, instructors and DJs! It was a great first experience in DC! Thank you for all the hard work!”

“Loved it and keep it up the great work!”

“My first year at the DC Bachata Congress was amazing. The quality of dancing and instruction was phenomenal.”

“I had a fantastic time!! Great workshops, great performances, great dances! Can’t wait to go back next year”

“This event is about connecting with people.”

“Great workshops, fantastic music, incredible dancers. This festival is not to be missed!”

“While I love the local DC instructors, I always learn something unique and new from the visiting instructors. That’s my favorite part of the congress.”

“I never thought I’d be in a pachanga class, but that’s what happens here at DCBC, you push your boundaries and explore new opportunities. Loved it!”

“Thank you so much for the labor of love and hard work to put this together, it was amazing!”

“My sister and I had they time of our lives, but the end of the night, our blusters had blisters and we had a hard time walking to the car-that’s how you know it was an epic night.”

“Such a great event! I met dozens of awesome fellow dancers and got schooled on salsa on 2”

“The mecca of congresses!!!”

“I absolutely loved my congress experience and will definitely be back again and again”

“The DC Bachata Congress is The best and first congress anyone new to the dance world and paramount dance socials should go to, you meet so many different walks of life and walks Of DANCE, at the DC Bachata Congress, its a place to learn and be yourself WITHOUT the criticism”

“Great festival! It was a total immersion into the world of cultural diversion! Music and dance once again united all the nations and ethnicities! Made me feel good about humanity! May be we have a chance to peacefully coexist through teaching each other music and dance! Bravo to organizers!”

“I’ve attended the 1st and 2nd annual DC bachata congress and coming back to it in its 7th iteration I’ve got to say I’m impressed! From the small things a dancer appreciates to the workshops to the ballrooms it was of the hook!!! So many talented dancers make the trek to this congress because it’s definitely the place to be for all that is Bachata.”

“Lee and Kat are the ambassadors and creators of the DC bachata scene. They never disappoint and consistently try to grow in ways other congress cant even imagine. All levels of dancing are accepted and easily challenged at DCBC. See you next year!”

“I’ve been to many latin dance congresses and festivals over the past 8 years. I probably attend 7 or 8 events a year all over the US. The DC Bachata Congress is my favorite of all. It’s automatic that I attend this event every year. I am blessed living in the DMV area. We (DMV latin dancers) have the best latin dance scene in the country. Lee & Kat (along with Earl) have contributed greatly to that. They put their heart and soul in organizing the DC Bachata Congress, clearly making it the most popular latin dance event in DC and the country.”

“Awesome time! If you’re a Bachatero(a) this is the congress to be! For this being my first DCBC I was in love with the event everything was on point from the DJS to the dance rooms to the performances. Let’s just say I hope I can make it to next years!”

“DC Bachata Was An Outstanding Event! The Main Room Size is Like No Other Out There!”

“after hearing how amazing this congress was, I had to attend. But it was even better than i could imagine. This is a must do every year for me.”

“This was the most eclectic festival I have ever attended! The fact that they offered so many different rooms with beautiful diverse music made this one of the best festivals I ever attended! Walking into each room was like stepping into different paradises throughout the world! Kat and Lee sure know how to make a girl happy!”

“This was the BEST event I’ve ever attended for my self to improve my dance. The workshops with instructors were AMAZING! So much fun learning new dances, added styling, improving basics steps, and 24 hours of dancing was more then I could have ever wanted. Will definitely be back next year.”

“I always look forward to the biggest bachata festival in the US. Friendly and hard working staff, amazing headliners and performances.. It never disappoints!”

“We enjoyed our time there, and everyone was friendly. We enjoyed performing, and we would love to come back again next year to perform again!”

“All in all, the event itself is unlike anything else I have been to. I only wish the hotel itself, and it’s staff, were more considerate of the attendees.”

“Thought it was great, surprised I had not heard of it sooner. I will be attending the congress in jersey and Miami though since I learned of those while at the DC congress.”

“It was my first time going to DC bachata congress and i loved it! This is my first year dancing and i’ve just been exposed to a whole new world and have met so many amazing and talented people because of congresses like this! I appreciate all your hard work and effort that was out into this event it will definitely stay in my memories forever!”

“This is my second year in coming and it was just as amazing as the first time i went last year. The shows were phenomenal and i can’t wait to attend again next year!!!!”

“I had a great time and learned a lot from the workshops!”

“I absolutely love this event. It is my favorite and I enjoyed the bachata and salsa dancing.”

“It is wonderful to see so many people from around the world come together and share the Latin culture.”

“It couldn’t have been better!”

“This was my first time at the DC Bachata Festival and I can hardly wait for the next one”

“This Congress is a must-attend. The social dancing and DJs blew my mind every night. Now I have friends in more cities where I can social dance. And with so many rooms, there is always a workshop going on that you’d love to attend. Bring food…and don’t forget to nap.”

“Get to the festival early. The best instructors travel to the DCBC each year and they start teaching first thing Thursday night. Get to the festival early so you can learn and party Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!”

“This Congress is incredible and what Lee and Kat are able to do with a hotel space is amazing. Great music, instructors and performers means lots of fun and fantastic dancers that come to learn and dance the night away.”

“As a first time attendee; it was an enjoyable experience. I loved the upbeat atmosphere with great music, dancers and the opportunity to meet meet people who love to dance. It was energizing!”

“It was a great experience for me. I found many new friends, had a lot of fun and dances sooo much ? thank u”

“It was my first congress, and I thought I’d be way overwhelmed, but I found myself very at home and able to move through the workshops and parties. Instead of feeling intimidated by all the great dancers, they inspired me. I’m hooked. I had a great time.”

“Thank you Lee and Kat for your generosity. The team loved the workshops, enjoyed performing and all the performances and were so excited to dance with so many professionals. The instructors were friendly and reassuring to all the students while dancing during the socials. We loved the social media!!”

“Awesome festival!”

“This congress was amazing and there were many, many great dancers. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely attend again!”

“Best weekend of my life!!”

“DC Bachata Congress is just amazing !!!!”

“I’ve never been to an event like this. It’s my first congress and I loved it!! I dance till my feet hurt! :-)”

“Was very fun, can’t wait for next year”

“It was great! I usually just go there for the party and concert which were both amazing. I felt like it could’ve been marketed more. I asked people about it in bachata socials in NYC and they had no clue about it. Any where there was a bachata social everybody should’ve known.”

“As my first year attending I was astonished I have never attended something like this. I’m more than sure that I will be attending next year!”

“This was my first year at the congress and consequently my first year dancing in general. I have come to enjoy dancing bachata and I like the dance community in the DMV. I have taken several workshops with Lee and Kat at The Salsa Room and I am impressed by their ability to take on the coordination of an event of this size. The workshops helped me a lot and the event is definitely needed in this area. Thanks !”

“It was an amazing experience and this has been the best congress I have been to yet.”

“The variety of dancers and workshops is wonderful!”

“No other Latin festival had such a profound effect of inspiration.”

“The 24 hr ballroom was wonderful. It let me know that I’m not the only one who would trade sleep for dancing until 8 am. Or 9 am. Or 10 am…”

“What an amazing event! Such an opportunity to take classes from and meet greats like Island Touch and Yamulee! Fun workshops, great atmosphere and lots of dancing!”